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These photographs are courtesy of Leon W Colwell, 1st Composite Squadron formed at McDill AFB near Tampa, Florida. The unit had B-25's and P-39's for submarine patrol, and handled the refuelling of American and transit planes headed for Europe, and the Middle East. Leon Colwell was in charge of fuel sample tests when tankers delivered gasoline to the island. One of the perks of his job was being invited to Breakfast on board ship and having fresh eggs, bacon, hot rolls and coffee - a real treat in wartime years! He met two of the 'Troop Show' girls in a department store in Recife, Brazil, and finding out they were to perform in Ascension, wasted no time in arranging a tour of Green Mountain. Because of these connections, he was, for a short time, the most popular GI on the island.
(Above) USO Troop performing at Wideawake Theatre.
(Above) GI's with the actresses on Green Mountain
(Above) Colwell with actress Alfreda Wallace, Green Mountain
(Above )Picnic on G Mountain, Colwell in middle.
(Above) 1st Composite Sqdn Air Baseball team, Feb 1944 Back row, 4th from left John Fleming Front row 4th from right Dennis Yell, 2nd from right Reg Greening.