Goat Hunting near Weather Post, Ascension Island 1907.

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ABOUT CAPT. R.H. MORGAN....The Society owns Capt R.H.Morgan's album of photographs. He was the Royal Marine Commandant of Ascension Island in from 1905 to 1908. Some of the pictures were used to illustrate the book 'Ascension - The Story of a South Atlantic Island ' by Duff Hart-Davis. Duff returned to the island in August 2001 for a visit. (See the news link on the left.)

ABOUT KENNETH ALFRED ROSS ....The photographs used in this section were kindly provided by Mrs. Valerie Davies, who spent part of the 1930's on the island. Her father, Kenneth Alfred Ross, served with the Eastern Telegraph Company, forerunner of Cable & Wireless. Some of these pictures were used to illustrate the Society's version of 'Ascension Island, by Lionel Schon Bartlett'. To obtain a copy, just follow the Literature link in the main menu on the left.

ABOUT RICHARD ARIA....These images were supplied by Richard Aria, who served on Ascension with Cable & Wireless from 1959 - 1961. His photos illustrate his diary which is available from the Society - follow the literature link on the left if you want a copy!


A Group of Officers ETC Offices Football Pitch from Cross Hill
Ascension Day Sports 1907 Georgetown Cricket Pitch The Residency
Garrison from Cross Hill 1907 (1) Exiles Club
Garrison from Cross Hill 1907 (2) Georgetown Golf Course
The Avenue, (Now Two Boats) 1907 Union Castle at Anchor Georgetown from Cross Hill(1)
The Anchorage and the Pier Head Turtle Ponds Georgetown from Cross Hill(2)
Bate's Cottage, Cross Hill Tunnel on Eliott's Path North East from Elliots
Green Mountain from Two Boats Comfortless Cove Cricket Valley
Working Party at the Pier Head Garden Cottage  
The Canteen Red Lion Farmyard  
The Wreck of the "Normandie"    



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