JUNE 2002 - The Ascension Island Heritage Society has received a major addition to its collection of artefacts. Last Saturday, Mr Andrew Bray presented the bell from H.M.S. Ascension to the Gallery in Georgetown, on behalf of Mrs. Kay Milne. H.M.S. Ascension was an American lend-lease frigate from World War II. Originally commissioned in 1943 as the U.S.S. Hapgood, it was assigned to the UK under lend lease in June 1943, and transferred to the Royal Navy in November of that year.. Ascension helped to escort a number of convoys between Londonderry and Gibraltar, and was also involved in the sinking of a U-Boat between the Shetlands and Faroes in 1944. She was broken up for scrap in 1947, but not before Mrs. Kay Milne's mother was given the bell by the Captain.
For many years it hung in Mrs Milne's porch at her house in Fleet, Hampshire, serving as a doorbell! Our picture left shows (L-R) the Curator of the Heritage Society Wendy Fairhurst, Chairman Dave Bones, and Andrew Bray. The inscription on the bell reads: "To the gallant men who sail in H.M.S. Ascension. Presented by the English and St. Helenian communities of Ascension Island." The members of the Committee of the Heritage Society would like to express their extreme gratitude to Mrs Kay Milne for presenting the bell to the Georgetown Museumů...Stephen Fowler


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