6. Fundraising.

The Ascension Island Green Turtle Fund is a new organisation, which was set up to raise funds for a visitors centre; the funds will provide for the constant monitoring of turtles. One thing we are raising funds for currently, are life-size displays of an emerging turtle nest of approximately 3 ft. sq, and will cost $4000, (see image right), and an adult turtle measuring about 4 ft. sq. and costing $5000. We feel that it would be very exciting to have such displays here on the island, which would benefit the tourists, school and the residents of Ascension.

But above all, it will serve to raise the awareness of visitors and residents of the plight of these wonderful endangered creatures. Cheques can be made payable to:

Ascension Island Green Turtle Fund, The Savings Bank, Georgetown, Ascension Island, South Atlantic ASCN 1ZZ



Last revised on the 21st of April 2002 by Stephen Fowler.