ABOUT THE AUTHOR....Graham Avis joined the BBC Transmitter Department at Daventry in 1967. He worked at various Transmitting Stations in the UK, before doing a one year tour on Ascension Island in 1972. Returning to the UK, he eventually settled in deepest Dorset, still working for the BBC. In 1984, accompanied by his family, he returned to Ascension for a two year tour as Assistant Resident Engineer of the Atlantic Relay Station. Returning to the UK in1986, within three months he returned as Senior Manger Ascension Island Services living in Georgetown. Graham and his wife Chris continued to live in Georgetown until their return to UK in November 1998.
His hobbies are walking, local history, reading, and occasionally, very poor golf.
During his time here, he was a keen member of the Ascension Island Historical Society, delighting visitors and residents with his periodic "Ambles With Avis", which consisted of a walk round Georgetown and a historical talk. In the months before he left Ascension, he shared his deep knowledge and affection for the history of the island through a weekly column in The Islander Newspaper, which proved hugely popular. It is these articles which form the material for this area of the website.
Graham's work not only displays a keen sense of humour (an essential quality for any long-term resident of Ascension Island), but also a great sensitivity where appropriate.
1. A South Atlantic Tale 11. The Friendly Invasion
2. Beginnings Are Such Difficult Times 12. And So to Work
3. The Effect of a Visionary 13. Old Glory Still Flies
4. Water, Water Everywhere! 14. The Return of the Americans
5. FEVER! 15. A Farmer's Tale
6. Nothing New Under the Sun 16. No Fish, No Supper!
7. Ascension Reborn 17. So That's How Cuba Got its Name
8. A Time of Conflict 18. Curry or Stew?
9. An Idyllic Paradise 19. A Time of Change
10. And So Back to Conflict 20. The Final Saga
"AMBLE WITH AVIS" - A Historical Amble round Georgetown.

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