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ABOUT THE AUTHOR...Neil MacFall comes from Cheshire in the UK, and worked for the Meteorological Office from 1957 - 2001. Until 2001, he was based at the Ascension Island Detachment, where he had been on and off since 1998. He lived in Georgetown with his wife Sue, who was the island's midwife. Neil and Sue left the island in March 2001 to go into retirement, vowing to return.
His hobbies include walking, geology, natural history, history and (obviously) philately.
He started collecting stamps as a young lad, and about 25 years ago decided to specialise in the South Atlantic.
His Ascension Island collection is impressive to behold. It features virtually every stamp ever produced for the island, and blends together photographic and philatelic images of our unique location.

We offer some excerpts from his work for your enjoyment.

Neil would like to acknowledge the following research tools:
J E Packer - A Concise Guide to Ascension Island, Encyclopaedia Brittanica and Microsoft Encarta.

  Introduction Introduction to Birds  
Discovery Wideawake Tern  
The Bottle Post Madeiran Storm Petrel  
Visit of Capt Cook Ascension Frigate Bird  
Visit of C.Darwin    
Early Maps    
  Plants Geology  
Cape Daisy Introduction to Geology  
  Poinsettia Perfect Crater  
  Yellow Boy Broken Tooth, Hollow Tooth and Sisters  
  Ascension Euphorbia Weatherpost and Devil's Riding School  


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